Tuesday 14 March 2023

Heavy Horses

Firstly, thanks to those who commented on the previous post. I'm glad this little project is hitting a spot, so to speak!

The plastic Gendarmes are the strike force of this army. Two units done.

First up, the Ducal Gendarmes (raised amongst the nobility and knights of the Duchy of Bavetta).

Next, the Condottiere Gendarmes, provided by Guiseppe Maldini.

I was sparing with the hoop-coloured lances as I am not convinced these were 'a thing' in the earlier period and perhaps came along later with the Great Italian Wars fashions. 

Billhooks is one of those rules sets that has an established style, which seems to include movement trays. Given the figures are plastic, it does make sense to use such trays for ease of movement. I am yet to get used to the lack of heft in the plastic figures so the trays should prevent any major accidents when playing.

Other news - I popped in to the Alumwell show on Sunday and enjoyed a meander around for an hour or so. Some nice games (from a variety of periods), a good chat with a few folk, and some small purchases, mainly for the enemies of the Duchy of Bavetta.

By the way, for those who saw the title of this post and clicked on it expecting to find Jethro Tull related "Heavy Horses" references (I'm looking at you, Tradgardmastere, amongst others!), my apologies. 

Just to set you off, think "Iron-clad feather-feet, pounding the dust... etc." Go on, have a listen. You know you want to.

Till next time... all the best.


  1. Very nice work, both units look really good. I too struggle with the lack of heft from plastic figures, they do take a bit to get used to. Your project is taking shape really well.

  2. You know me too well Mr Olley!
    Braw big beasties indeed.
    Alan Tradgardland

  3. Superb work once again Phil. Maybe it's my age but I keep hearing the Osmond's 'Crazy Horses', replacing the 'Crazy' with 'Heavy', to my eternal shame...

  4. Looking good, Phil! I prefer the heft of metals but I am building a WOTR collection using Perry Plastics.

  5. Very nice, for the life of me, I can’t do the ‘rings / twirl’ on lances, so I like your argument that they belong to a later period:-)

    if we are voting ….. I much prefer the lightness of plastic, but dislike the multi-build aspect, so I suppose that is one vote for and one against :-)

  6. Lovely figures Phil, clearly the makings of a future Partizan display game. Regarding 'hooped' lances, a cheat that I used on my medievals, and on Austrian flagpoles, involves stretching appropriately coloured masking tape on a cutting board and trimming a mm wide strip off one edge. This can be wound down the lance or flagstaff and secured at the ends with a little superglue. the pennant or flag then covers the join at the top.

  7. A bonus with plastic figures besides the less weight to carry is conversions and modifications are so much easier!