Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Battle Report

It seemed somehow fitting that, having started 2020 with a Battle involving the forces in The War of the Vaubarian Succession campaign (WVS), the year should end with the same protagonists fighting a highly enjoyable action today.

Both sides were on the march early, in a bid to contend the road junction and Koronaberg, and hoping that their reinforcing units would arrive to support the action.

Both sides also advanced their light troops to seize the Tierwald, The Karavani Croats for the Astrovians, and the Muller Light Dragoons for the Vaubarians. The latter advanced stealthily but steadily as the mist shrouded the open ground between the villages, and entered the woods. The Croats ascended the hill, and then descended into the woods on their side. The ensuing firefight was bloody, and after a couple of turns, the dragoons got the better of it. The Croats evacuated the woods and headed back to the village of Kovyd, no doubt to cause some trouble in the taverns (even though all such hostelries had been ordered to close).

The arrival of extra troops onto the table was controlled by random dice rolls, from turn 3 onwards, and the gods of battle were smiling on the Vaubarians today, both in terms of the speed of their arrivals and the points of entry to the table. It soon became apparent that the Astrovians would struggle to from a consistent battle line with which to carry the fight.

In the centre, the Dremel battalion and the Frankl battalion, having marched at pace towards the vital junction, were exchanging musketry. The Vaubarian Field Gun, in support of  the Dremel battalion, unlimbered and joined the fight, unleashing cannister shot onto the hapless Frankl men. It was too much for the Astrovians who eventually failed their morale test and retreated. 

Soon after, the Dremel battalion were shaken by Astrovian artillery fire from the hill by Kovyd village, but it was too late.

The Vaubarian battle line was fully formed, and they held the key parts of the battlefield. The Astrovians decided that, rather than spill more blood, they would withdraw from the field.

And so, Vaubaria ends the year triumphant...

Here are a few pictures of the action...

I have once again included the battlefield sketch map for ease of reference.

Above: Muller Light Dragoons.
Below: The Karavani Croats.

Above: the firefight in the centre. Dremel take on Frankl.
Below: action in The Tierwald. The black counter indicates a morale test for the Croats, and the Green counter indicates they have failed and must retreat.

There's one thing that inspires more painting... a good game. Needless to say, more figures will be appearing on the workbench in the next few days...

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  1. Exciting looking game, Phil! The place names did not go unnoticed either although it took me a few seconds. What can I say? The ol' brain is in holiday mode.

    Best Regards,


  2. Splendid!
    The report, the action, the photos, the fact you enjoyed it, sharing it - all splendid.
    All the best for 2021 to you and all your readers

  3. Super looking game, nice report & lovely photos

  4. Lovely photos, wonderfully artistic map, clever place names, you are still setting the standard for others to follow, thank you very much Phil, and Happy New Year

  5. Inspirational, thank you for posting it. Happy new year.

  6. A beautiful, colourful table and troops. It's strange, Kovyd looks like such a tranquil, peaceful place...!
    Regards, James

  7. An excellent start to the New Year, Phil! Keep on having fun! Always like your maps! Cheers, Rohan.

  8. I always enjoy seeing your sumptuous armies and tabletop battlefield Phil!