Saturday, 26 December 2020

So that was Christmas...

... and what did you get?

I did rather well, on the wargames front, even though much of that was my own doing.

Here are my hobby acquisitions:

The Back of Beyond project is well represented, via Copplestone Miniatures, and an Empress Miniatures tank for the Chinese Army (I ordered 3, but only received one... I will chase up, and I'm sure the other two will be on their way asap). There's also a box from Front Rank with some 18C cavalry for the WVS campaign.

The film DVD, Battle of Kruty, was a complete surprise. Look it up. It's right in the Back of Beyond flavour... a great guess by the donor. 

The Helion book was part of a shortlist given to a good friend some weeks ago, so was one of those happy moments on opening it up.

One additional festive item was the Virtual Wargames Club Annual which I compiled from submissions from our little club which has been so valuable during the last 8 months. The 'Members Only' 60+ page pdf is packed with articles, great galleries and eye candy, battle reports, and all manner of 'good stuff'. Members of the group are currently enjoying its contents as we speak.

I do hope all blog visitors had a great day, and managed to find some hobby-related items under the tree.

In a couple of days I will review the year... as it turns out a highly productive and fulfilling hobby year.

All the best for now...


  1. Nice stash of Christmas loot, Phil. Happy Holidays!

  2. A lovely bit of Xmas loot. I got some 15mm medieval figures for Lion Rampant, so I'm content - for now.

  3. Glad you got some fun presents, and thansk for making the link throughto my new Art website from the drawing in your right hand panel. Happy New Year