Monday, 28 December 2020

Review of the Year

It's traditional to take a short glance back before launching into a new year, and I jotted down a few notes yesterday afternoon whilst enjoying a nice malt.

Painting totals for the year:

  • Successors 202 points
  • Pils-Holstein project 30 points
  • Napoleonics 58 points
  • Back of Beyond 157 points (including terrain and adobe buildings scratch-built)
  • miscellanous bits n bobs 10 points

... making a grand total of 457 points for the year. 

Not a bad output, and best for a few years, helped in some small part by me being able to make particularly good use of the early weeks of the pandemic which afforded plenty of time at the paint desk.

Gaming has been poor, of course, although I am resolved to do more solo games from now on (I have one laid out in the wargames room right now which i will get to play over the next few days).

Shows - well, the York weekend seems so long ago, almost another world, but it was a highlight of this current year, with Steve Gill and I taking the opportunity to also see the delights of York, including the Yorvik Centre which I hadn't been to for a few years.

Virtual Wargames Club - very much a highlight of the year, with a zoom gathering taking place every Saturday since 2nd May. Packed with inspiration, ideas, and a chance to share and appreciate others' efforts, it has been a hobby morale booster for all members, myself included.
I have decided to hand over the reins now to a new President/ Chairman/ organising commitee, and am delighted that what started out on a bit of a whim will continue into the new year. I will still attend when possible, and sit on the 'back-benches' contributing where possible.

So, that was 2020.

As mentioned earlier, I have a game laid out at the moment, and will post a few pictures over the coming days along with a brief battle report.

To all who have supported the blog this year, many thanks. I note that I have posted over 50 times, which is very good going for me, and perhaps reflects (along with the improved painting output) just how important the hobby is when the world around is in turmoil. I know I'm not alone in being very grateful to have such an absorbing and engaging pastime. Long may it continue...


  1. Thank you for so many interesting blog articles this year. I always enjoy reading about what is going on in Olleyworld. 😎

  2. Hello, Phil. I'll get in early to wish you all the best for 2021 as things may be a bit topsy turvy here leading up to the NY, and back to work on 4th!

    As Jim said, many thanks for your blog which I find inspiring & entertaining, and especially so this year. I look forward to your reports on the 2021 games & projects.

    So stay safe & well, and all the very best!

    Cheers, Rohan.

  3. Happy New Year, Phil! And thank you for contributing, in no small way, to my hobby inspiration for quite a few years now via your websites, blog, and articles.

    Best Regards,


  4. Phil,
    A very good year and thanks for your blog (I'll steal a good idea in a heartbeat - I'll give credit for it, but steal it I will!).