Sunday, 23 May 2021


I woke very early the other morning (0400) in time to see a stunning sunrise that lasted an hour...

... and in that time, armed with a cup of tea and my wargames journal, I started to finalise my stocktaking, which has been troubling me of late.

In the light of the unfolding dawn, I started to ask big questions, like:

 "Which of these projects will I still want to have in 10, 15, 25 years time?"

"Which of these projects am I realistically, truly, genuinely going to work on, relish and enjoy?"

"Which of these projects are false starts (ie, they're wrong in some way and may need to be revisited later, but for now they can go)?"

"Which of these projects are actually non-starters?"

"Which of these projects are superfluous in some other way?"

The cabinets need some reorganising, which is probably what precipitated this wargaming existential angst...

The upshot to all this was a few decisions...

I will keep the following:

1. Pils Holstein (and add to it, slowly and gradually, on an ongoing basis) 

2. WVS (and continue to build both sides)

 3. Successors (It's done. I may add one more pike block, a couple of cavalry units, and a couple of elephants).

4. Classic Collection (it's finished. Keep for posterity) 

5. TYW (finish a couple of items for completeness) 


So, I plan to sell quite a number of projects that are no longer part of the plan. More on this soon, once I have catalogued what is going to be for sale...

It felt very cathartic even just writing it down - as if a weight has lifted.

In the future, I will add some fresh projects, and a few "set-pieces" (dioramas and the like), including a joint project with my fellow "Fencibler", Steve, who is taking the lead role, which we are currently just starting.

Having a bit of a stock-take can be good for morale. And sometimes the decision has to be to let certain things go. As any rock-climber will tell you, you've got to let go somewhere in order to reach up higher.



  1. An excellent sunrise Phil, you are way too organised as a wargamer. Neat and tidy with a book on future plans Wow.

    Stay safe and happy gaming,
    Willz Harley.

  2. Phil,
    This time of the year best time of the day, have many a clear thinking session watching sunrise with a fresh coffee. As you know I’ve gone through this process a few times and it is extremely cathartic. I’ve most probably still got too much 😁 but at least I make progress on most of it.
    Will most probably wait another few years before doing another cull 🤣

  3. Good idea Phil, although i think I’m beyond help myself 😂

  4. What a beautiful sunrise! “Songs From the Wood” playing softly in the background?

    Phil, I jettisoned a lot of stuff several years ago. At my age, the time for being a butterfly is long past. I kept my ImagiNation armies and my ACW collection, and continue to add to both of them. Everything else was sold off. As you and Graham stated, it is indeed cathartic.

    Good luck with your decision and your future plans.


  5. Sounds like a plan that I need to invest some time of my own into. So much metal (and now plastic) and nowhere near enough time.

  6. Beautiful sunrise. Scaling back is a tough task.

  7. The new hobby plans rising like the sunne, something splendid in that I think.

  8. Spring clean is all good. The problem I would have is sticking to a plan later.

  9. I’m with you, streamlining collections makes me feel so much better. I can’t bare unfinished odds and ends or things that have petered out!
    I’m a minimalist trapped in a wargamers body! Lol

  10. Brilliant sunrise, Phil. I find the early morning is often the best time of day to sort projects and other things out mentally with the brain newly rested and the brisk promise of a new day.

    SWMBO & I have started the "Grand Cleanout" project several months ago at the urging of our son! Slow but positive progress on that front, interrupted by "real life = work" intervening. The prospect of rationalising the Lead Mountain Range and projects seems quite daunting to those of us devoted to chaos!! :-D Well done you, and very happy to hear that the Successor, TYW, and tricorne era projects will all continue.

    Keep well and best wishes, Rohan.